• AMAQ’s ‘bargain basement’ health claim an insult to nurses
    26 六月 2020

    The QNMU is dismayed by comments made by President of the AMAQ Dr Chris Perry regarding the contribution of health workers within the Queensland Health system. Read more

  • Nurses power on at RBWH ETC
    24 六月 2020

    Members at the RBWH Emergency Trauma Centre (ETC) have made some significant headway on improving workplace culture. Significantly, members have secured an additional 29.77 FTE so far. Read more

  • What does job security mean to you?
    22 六月 2020

    This is your opportunity to tell your union your priorities when it comes to job security, including your views on employment contracts, working hours, and flexible working arrangements. Read more

  • State government legislates wage rise deferral
    19 六月 2020

    The state government yesterday introduced legislation to defer wage rises for public sector workers for the 2020-2021 financial year. Read more